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Researchers and engineers normally prefer to specify innovation as used science, instead of as the things that people make and utilize. More recently, scholars have borrowed from European philosophers of "strategy" to extend the significance of technology to different forms of instrumental factor, as in Foucault's deal with technologies of the self (methods de soi).

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The offers a meaning of the term: "using science in market, engineering, etc., to develop beneficial things or to solve issues" and "a device, piece of equipment, technique, and so on, that is developed by technology." Ursula Franklin, in her 1989 "Genuine World of Innovation" lecture, provided another definition of the idea; it is "practice, the way we do things around here." The term is frequently used to imply a particular field of innovation, or to refer to high innovation or just customer electronics, rather than innovation as a whole.

In this usage, technology refers to tools and machines that might be used to solve real-world problems. It is a far-reaching term that might include simple tools, such as a crowbar or wood spoon, or more complicated devices, such as a space station or particle accelerator. Tools and devices need not be material; virtual innovation, such as computer software application and service methods, fall under this meaning of innovation.

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Brian Arthur defines technology in a similarly broad method as "a way to satisfy a human function." The word "technology" can also be utilized to refer to a collection of methods. In this context, it is the current state of humanity's understanding of how to combine resources to produce desired items, to fix issues, satisfy needs, or please desires; it includes technical techniques, skills, processes, techniques, tools and basic materials.

"State-of-the-art technology" describes the high technology available to humanity in any field. Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or alters culture. In addition, technology is the application of mathematics, science, and the arts for the benefit of life as it is known. A modern-day example is the increase of communication innovation, which has actually decreased barriers to human interaction and as an outcome has assisted generate new subcultures; the increase of cyberculture has at its basis the advancement of the Web and the computer system.