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31, 2021, with plans to return full-time to the professors, focus on her research, and develop mentoring and diversity, equity and inclusion programs. February 18, 2021 The Polymer Physics Prize from the American Physical Society and an argumentation award from the Society for American Archaeology. February 17, 2021 After years in development, an earthquake early warning system called Shake, Alert is on the cusp of being released in Oregon and Washington. Harold Tobin, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, answers questions about the coming rollout. February 10, 2021 How's the snow on Northwest mountains this year? In general a little much deeper than normal, but it depends where you look.

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7 University of Washington scientists are consisted of in Cell Coach's list of 1,000 inspiring Black scientists, published in December 2020. Cell Mentor is a collaborative resource in between Cell Press and Cell Signaling Innovation. February 9, 2021 Even if all nations meet their Paris Contract goals for reducing emissions, Earth has only a 5% possibility of staying below 2 C warming this century, a previous research study showed. But reductions about 80% more enthusiastic, or approximately 1. 8% drop in emissions annually rather than 1% annually, would be enough to satisfy the Paris Agreement's temperature level objective. February 8, 2021 Morales has authored a seven-part series for Ars Technica on quantum mechanics for a basic audience.

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10 to Feb. 21. Morales took a seat with UW News to speak about the series, quantum mechanics and what he hopes the general public can discover about this apparently odd and perhaps intimidating world of science. February 4, 2021 Human-caused warming is accountable for increasing the danger of a glacial outburst flood from Peru's Lake Palcacocha, threatening the city below. This study is the first to straight connect environment change with the threat of flooding from glacial lakes, which are growing in number and size worldwide. February 1, 2021 Single-celled organisms in the open ocean utilize a diverse array of hereditary tools to detect sunshine, even in tiny quantities, and respond.