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Hence it can be seen that, unlike disease, which is regularly recognizable, concrete, and rather quickly specified, health is a somewhat nebulous condition and somewhat tough to define. Additionally, physical condition and health are not synonymous terms. A seven-foot-tall basketball gamer might remain in exceptional physical condition (although outside the range of normality for height) but may or might not remain in great healthdepending, for instance, on whether the individual has succumbed to an attack of influenza.

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A person might be physically strong, resistant to infection, and able to deal with physical challenge and other functions of his/her physical environment and still be thought about unhealthy if his/her psychological state, as determined by behaviour, is considered unsound. Mental health can itself be specified otherwise.

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Others specify it as the lack of psychological condition. In the face of confusion about meanings of health, it is most useful, maybe, to specify health, great or bad, in terms that can be determined and translated with regard to the capability of the individual at the time of measurement to operate in a typical way, with regard to the possibility of imminent disease.

When a person is offered a health examination, the examination is likely to consist of a series of tests. A few of these tests are more detailed than quantitative and can indicate the existence of illness in a relatively healthy person. Such tests consist of the electrocardiogram to find some kinds of heart problem; the electromyogram for main muscle conditions; liver and gall bladder function tests; and X-ray strategies for identifying illness or malfunction of internal organs.

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These are physical and chemical tests, including blood, urine, and cerebrospinal-fluid analyses. The outcomes of the tests are compared with the referral worths, and the doctor gets hints as to the health of the patient and, if the values are unusual, for the approaches of improving the client's health. A major problem in the interpretation of test outcomes is that of biological irregularity.

For these worths to have significance, they need to be considered as lying somewhere near the centre point of a 95 percent rangei. e., the so-called ordinary range or, with reservations, the range from regular to the upper and lower borderline limitations. Thus, the 2. 5 percent below the lower limit and the 2.