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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has actually been keeping track of and checking people exposed to poultry and wild birds contaminated with bird influenza (Extremely Pathogenic Bird Influenza, HPAI), likewise referred to as H5N1 influenza. Previously today, a test exposed the presence of the influenza A (H5) virus in a single nasal specimen from an individual who was working on a farm with infected poultry.

Repeat testing on the individual was negative for influenza. Because the individual remained in close contact with contaminated poultry, the virus may have been present in the person's nose without causing infection. The man, who is more youthful than 40, is mainly asymptomatic, reporting just tiredness. He is now separating and getting the influenza antiviral drug oseltamivir (tamiflu) per CDC guidance.

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They do not typically contaminate humans nor spread from person to individual. There are presently no recognized cases of this H5 flu infection spreading among people. There are no other confirmed human cases in Colorado or the United States at this time. This positive result is due to direct exposure to contaminated poultry at an industrial farm in Montrose County.

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The affected flock has been euthanized and disposed of under the assistance of the USDA and CDA. All members of the response group, including other inmate workers, were provided individual protective devices while working on the farm. "We want to assure Coloradans that the threat to them is low," stated Dr.

" I am grateful for the seamless cooperation in between CDC, Department of Corrections, Department of Farming, and CDPHE, as we continue to monitor this virus and protect all Coloradans." While human infections of the H5 viruses are unusual, direct exposure to contaminated birds increases that threat. Contaminated birds shed flu infections in their saliva, mucous, and feces.

People should avoid contact with poultry that appear ill or are dead, and prevent contact with surfaces that seem polluted with feces from wild or domestic birds. If you should handle sick or dead poultry, wear gloves and clean your hands with soap and water afterwards. If possible, wear breathing security such as a medical facemask and eye security such as goggles.