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Jul 22, 2021

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1 June 2020This guidance suggests practical actions that countries can take at nationwide, subregional and regional levels to rearrange and securely preserve access to top quality, necessary health services in the pandemic context. It also details sample indicators for monitoring important health services, and describes factors to consider on when to stop and reboot services as COVID-19 transmission declines and rises. 1 June 2020Aimed at those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 reaction from supermarket personnel to companies to emergency situation responders WHO has actually released illustrated recommendations for taking care of one's own mental well-being, communicating with empathy, and assisting individuals experiencing tension or severe distress.

1 June 2020This assistance suggests useful actions that nations can take at national, subregional and local levels to reorganize and securely keep access to high-quality, essential health services in the pandemic context. It likewise lays out sample signs for keeping track of essential health services, and explains factors to consider on when to stop and reboot services as COVID-19 transmission recedes and rises.

31 May 2020 WHO's #Tobacco, Exposed campaign for World No Tobacco Day 2020 stresses that smoking puts you at greater danger for a severe case of COVID-19. Amazon Web Services and Soul Machines developed Florence, a WHO digital health worker to help smokers give up and combat false information about COVID-19 and tobacco. Ahead of the day itself, dancers Quang ng and Minh Qun started a difficulty on social networks platform Tik, Tok.

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29 May 2020Over thirty countries and multiple global partners and organizations have registered to support the COVID-19 Innovation Access Pool (C-TAP) an initiative focused on making vaccines, tests, treatments and other health technologies to eliminate COVID-19 accessible to all. C-TAP will be voluntary and based upon social uniformity. It will offer a one-stop buy scientific understanding, information and copyright to be shared equitably by the global community. WHO, Costa Rica and all the co-sponsor countries have likewise issued a "Solidarity Call to Action" asking appropriate stakeholders to sign up with and support the effort, with recommended actions for key groups, such as federal governments, research study and advancement funders, scientists, industry and civil society.