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Science can be divided into various branches based on the subject of study. The physical sciences study the inorganic world and consist of the fields of astronomy, physics, chemistry, and the Earth sciences. The life sciences such as biology and medicine study the natural world of life and its procedures. Social sciences like anthropology and economics study the social and cultural elements of human behaviour.

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For the history of Western and Eastern science, see science, history of. For the conceptualization of science and its interrelationships with culture, see science, viewpoint of. For the standard elements of the clinical method, see physical science, concepts of; and scientific technique. This article was most just recently revised and updated by Erik Gregersen, Senior Editor.

Scientific methodology includes the following: Objective observation: Measurement and data (perhaps although not necessarily utilizing mathematics as a tool) Proof Experiment and/or observation as standards for screening hypotheses Induction: thinking to establish basic rules or conclusions drawn from truths or examples Repeating Crucial analysis Confirmation and testing: crucial direct exposure to analysis, peer evaluation and assessment In 2009, the Science Council agreed that it desired to be clearer when it spoke about sound science and science-based policy.

In addition to developing a better understanding of what kinds of organisations might enter, it was felt that the current inclusion of the development of science as a charitable activity in the 2006 Charities Act recommended that because context a meaning would be beneficial, this was how this meaning occurred.

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The definition prospers in all these respects admirably, and I applaud it therefore." A C Grayling commending the definition in the Guardian, March 2009.