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Theoretical computer technology (TCS) is a subset of general computer technology and mathematics that concentrates on more mathematical topics of computing, and includes the theory of calculation. It is hard to circumscribe the theoretical areas specifically. The ACM's Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory (SIGACT) provides the following description: TCS covers a variety of subjects consisting of algorithms, data structures, computational intricacy, parallel and distributed computation, probabilistic calculation, quantum calculation, automata theory, details theory, cryptography, program semantics and confirmation, machine learning, computational biology, computational economics, computational geometry, and computational number theory and algebra. Work in this field is frequently distinguished by its focus on mathematical method and rigor.

Life sciences is a branch of science worried about the description, forecast, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation. Systems such as peer evaluation and repeatability of findings are utilized to try to make sure the credibility of clinical advances. Life sciences can be divided into 2 main branches: life science and physical science. Life science is additionally known as biology, and physical science is partitioned into branches: physics, chemistry, astronomy and Earth science. These branches of life sciences might be additional divided into more specialized branches (also known as fields).

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Physical science is an incorporating term for the branches of natural science that research study non-living systems, in contrast to the life sciences. However, the term "physical" creates an unintentional, rather arbitrary difference, considering that lots of branches of physical science also study biological phenomena. There is a distinction between physical science and physics.

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Physics (from Ancient Greek:, romanized:, 'nature') is a natural science that includes the research study of matter and its movement through spacetime, along with associated ideas such as energy and require. More broadly, it is the basic analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the universe behaves. Physics is among the earliest academic disciplines, possibly the earliest through its inclusion of astronomy. Over the last two millennia, physics belonged of natural viewpoint along with chemistry, specific branches of mathematics, and biology, but throughout the Scientific Revolution in the 16th century, the lives sciences became unique research programs in their own right.