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By Ashley P. Taylor It could have been a fig, grapes, citron, a pomegranate and even wheat. - Science, health and medical journals, full Fundamentals Explained

What is cancer, and how does it begin? Discover how genetics contribute, which kinds of cancer are the most common, and what is being done to combat this fatal illness.

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A new 160-million-year-old arboreal pterosaur types, called 'Monkeydactyl', has the oldest real opposed thumb a novel structure previously not known in pterosaurs. A worldwide The first in-depth look at the human capability to decipher the variety of feelings tied to the acoustic hints of screams. People are proficient at A group of researchers, led by the University of Bristol, with coworkers from Goethe University, Frankfurt, has found the first proof for ancient honey searching, Misinformation in public debates about clinical issues such as vaccinations and environment modification can be discovered all over the internet, especially on social media. In Researchers use 3-D-printed designs to explore fractal-like interior shell patterns.

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Today, The human brain as we understand it today is relatively young. It progressed about 1. 7 million years ago when the culture of stone tools in The results indicate masks and proper ventilation might be crucial to allowing more capability in schools, businesses, and other indoor areas. A brand-new study from A brand-new algorithm offers insights into consumer spending by identifying what someone acquired from just the costs total. Initially, it looked like the algorithm.

Cars sit on the edge of a sinkhole in the Charles Village area of Baltimore, Wednesday, April 30, 2014, as heavy rain moves through the region. Roads closed due to flooding, downed trees and electrical lines in other places in the Mid-Atlantic. AP.