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, in humans, the extent of an individual's continuing physical, psychological, mental, and social capability to deal with his/her environment. This definition is just one of numerous that are possible. What constitutes "excellent" health in particular can vary widely. The rather vulnerable person who stays "well" within the normal environment of his or her presence may succumb to a heart attack from heavy shovelling after a snowstorm; or a sea-level resident might transfer to a brand-new house in the mountains, where the environment has a lower material of oxygen, and struggle with shortness of breath and anemia until his/her red cell count adjusts itself to the altitude.

Bad health can be defined as the existence of disease, good health as its absenceparticularly the absence of continuing illness, due to the fact that the person afflicted with an abrupt attack of seasickness, for instance, may not be believed of as having actually lost health as a result of such an incident. Actually, there is a broad variable area in between health and disease.

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If, nevertheless, the sugar material stays raised two hours later, this condition is irregular and may be a sign of disease. (2) A "healthy" individual might have developed an allergy, perhaps during early childhood, to a single particular compound. If the individual never once again comes in contact with the antigen that triggers the allergy, all other elements remaining typical, she or he will stay in that state of health.

Therefore it can be seen that, unlike illness, which is often recognizable, concrete, and rather quickly defined, health is a somewhat ambiguous condition and somewhat tough to define. Furthermore, physical condition and health are not associated terms. A seven-foot-tall basketball player might remain in outstanding physical condition (although outside the series of normality for height) but might or may not remain in great healthdepending, for instance, on whether the person has succumbed to an attack of influenza.