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March 17, 2021 The future of a fair and sustainable international ocean, or "Blue Economy," depends on more than natural or technological resources. A new study discovers that socioeconomic and governance conditions such as national stability, corruption and human rights greatly affect various areas' ability to attain a Blue Economy one that is socially fair, environmentally sustainable and economically viable. March 12, 2021 In a study released Feb. 15 in Nature Chemistry, a research team led by Munira Khalil, professor and chair of chemistry at the University of Washington, has recorded the fast movements of solvent molecules that affect light-driven electron transfer in a molecular complex for the very first time.

March 2, 2021 A brand-new method to rate twister cautions reveals that nighttime tornadoes in the U.S. have a lower likelihood of detection and a greater false-alarm rate than other events. Summer twisters, occurring in June, July or August, also are most likely to avert caution. February 25, 2021 Writing in the New England Journal of Medication that they "do not believe that ignoring race will minimize health variations" but rather that "such a method is a type of naive 'color blindness' that is most likely to perpetuate and potentially intensify disparities," 5 Black geneticists set out to explain the risks of leaving race February 24, 2021 The Arctic Ocean's Beaufort Sea has increased its freshwater material by 40% over the previous two decades.

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This has ramifications for regional marine environments and worldwide ocean flow. A brand-new research study released Feb. 24 in the journal Royal Society Open Science records the earliest-known fossil evidence of primates. These animals lived less than 150,000 years after the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass termination event that exterminated non-avian dinosaurs and saw the rise of mammals. February 23, 2021 To understand how Puget Sound has actually altered, we initially should comprehend how it used to be. However unlike the majority of major estuaries in the U.S., long-lasting tracking of Puget Noise fish populations did not exist until 1990. Now scientists have discovered a non-traditional method to assist fill out spaces in the information: old vessel logbooks.