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innovation \ tek-n-l-j \ b an ability offered by the useful application of knowledge a cars and truck's fuel-saving innovation 2 a manner of accomplishing a job specifically using technical procedures, techniques, or knowledge new technologies for information storage 3 the specialized elements of a particular field of endeavor instructional innovation

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Know about the development of vehicles in time, The revolution in the vehicle market from the early years to now with greener, electrical, high-technology cars and trucks. Encyclopdia Britannica, Inc.

Application of scientific knowledge A steam turbine with the case opened. Such turbines produce the majority of the electricity utilized today. Electrical power usage and living requirements are extremely associated. Electrification is believed to be the most important engineering achievement of the 20th century. [] Technology (" science of craft", from Greek, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -,) is the sum of methods, abilities, methods, and processes used in the production of products or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as clinical investigation.

Systems (e. g. devices) applying innovation by taking an input, altering it according to the system's usage, and then producing an outcome are described as technology systems or technological systems. The most basic form of innovation is the development and usage of basic tools. The prehistoric discovery of how to control fire and the later Neolithic Transformation increased the available sources of food, and the development of the wheel assisted humans to take a trip in and control their environment.

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Innovation has many effects. It has actually assisted develop more sophisticated economies (consisting of today's international economy) and has enabled the increase of a leisure class. Numerous technological procedures produce unwanted by-products called pollution and diminish natural resources to the detriment of Earth's environment. Innovations have constantly affected the values of a society and raised brand-new questions in the principles of technology.

Philosophical debates have actually arisen over making use of technology, with disagreements over whether innovation enhances the human condition or intensifies it. Neo-Luddism, anarcho-primitivism, and similar reactionary movements criticize the pervasiveness of innovation, arguing that it damages the environment and alienates individuals; advocates of ideologies such as transhumanism and techno-progressivism view continued technological development as useful to society and the human condition.