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I have not had the ability to see my grandma in a year and a half almost," said Grimsley, 35. "Which's the longest my entire household has ever gone without seeing her. And we'll be seeing her in mid-May now." The states with the greatest vaccination rates have a history of voting Democratic and supporting President Joe Biden in the 2020 election: New Hampshire at the top, with 71. 1 percent, followed by New Mexico, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, CDC data show. The demand has actually not been the same in many locations of Tennessee especially, rural ones. Tennessee beings in the bottom four states for rates of adults getting at least one shot, at 40.

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It's trailed just by Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi three other Southern states that lean Republican and elected Donald Trump last fall. Vaccination rates do not always line up with how states vote. But ballot from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study has actually shown trends that connect political leanings and mindsets about the vaccines and other pandemic-related concerns. A survey performed in late March discovered that 36 percent of Republicans said they will most likely or certainly not get vaccinated, compared with 12 percent of Democrats. Likewise, a third of rural Americans stated they were raiding getting shots, while less than a fourth of people residing in cities and suburbs shared that hesitancy.