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salud How is her health? Cmo est tu salud? the patient's psychological health la salud mental del paciente to be in good/poor/excellent health estar en buena/mala/excelente salud salud She was back to health in a couple of weeks. Ella recuper la salud en unas pocas semanas. sanitario/ria the Department of Health el Departamento Sanitario health and safety guidelines reglas sanitarias y de seguridad.

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en chino (tradicional), en chino (simplificado), in more languages en japons en turco en francs en cataln en rabe en checo en dans en indonesio en tailands en vietnamita en polaco en malayo en alemn en noruego en coreano en italiano en ruso sant [womanly], bonne sant [feminine], Sant [feminine] tnh trng sc khe, sc kho pass away Gesundheit, der Gesundheitszustand helse [manly], helbred [manly], vigr [masculine],, Necesitas un traductor? Obtn una traduccin rpida y gratuita!

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health For schizophrenia clients, treatment strategies from the beginning of disease ought to include health promotion. Some medical specialized societies already are acknowledged as advocates of requirements of care by health strategies. Ms ejemplos Menos ejemplos However the evidence of surveys suggests that workers often do not exercise much choice at all over their health plans. This study became part of a bigger qualitative investigation of older ladies, physical activity and health. Using qualitative approaches in health related action research study. A more strenuous analysis of the epidemiological impact of vaccination for meningococcal illness is necessary for correct health economic quotes. Perhaps likewise surprisingly, the variety of refereed papers on food quality and human health problems were comparable for both standard and natural research.

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As an outcome, using health financial experts as reviewers did not ensure quality reporting. This was enhanced by the low priority offered to public health work at all levels within the company and by medical care group colleagues. This reinforces the importance of the issue in countries without well organized health care or without broad gain access to of the whole population to such care. The federal government, nevertheless, has a strong steering function with intricate policies affecting practically every element of the health system. In specific, execution of policies in the economic sector should be taken as a policy chance to improve the shipment of health care.