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Take a deep breath, consume a glass of water, eat a treat. If you do any of these things, it's most likely that you are also breathing in and ingesting small particles of plastic, as much as a credit card's weight each week. Plastic ... Stimulus-responsive supramolecular structures have emerged as an option to traditional ones, owing to their applications in noticing, drug delivery, and switchable memory systems. Now, scientists at Tokyo Institute of ... Polymers that show their functions by light have actually been studied for a couple of years due to the fact that they make it possible for gadget miniaturization, energy conserving, and exact signal control. Polymers based on azobenzene, diarylethene, and so on

The global consortium of researchers and conservationists working towards preventing the extinction of the northern white rhino through sophisticated assisted reproduction technologies is pleased to reveal that in March ... NUST MISIS scientists together with Indian colleagues from Jain University and Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College provided innovative membranes for the total elimination of heavy metals from commercial wastewater ... Australia's unique and extremely endemic flora and fauna are threatened by fast losses in biodiversity and ecosystem health, triggered by human impact and ecological challenges. To keep an eye on and respond to these patterns, researchers ... Insect decline is one of the biggest challenges facing our society.

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As an effect, ... Thunderstorm development is not always depending on atmospheric physics alone. Often, the surrounding landscape can influence convection, especially in regions with remarkable elevation changes. The Yangtze river basin in China's ... Biologist Claudio Monteza pressed through thick plant life to install a cam near a Panamanian highway in a dense tropical jungle. Securing the gadget to a tree simply off the forest floor, he examined its field of view. Researchers have created the world's first monkey embryos containing human cells in an effort to investigate how the 2 kinds of cell establish alongside each other. The embryos, which were derived from a macaque and then ...