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Find a COVID-19 vaccine near you. comments light icon Text your to.

Try to find emergency situation caution indications * for COVID-19. If somebody is revealing any of these indications,

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Get the truths on the vaccination procedure in New York State and make an appointment today.

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Mayo Clinic is on the front line leading COVID-19-focused research efforts. Your present today will help speed up vaccine development, gene treatments and brand-new treatments.

Eloise La, Cour, 3, gets her COVID-19 vaccination as part of Stage 1 scientific trials on use of the Pfizer-Bio, NTech vaccine in children 5 and more youthful. Stanford Medicine Stanford Medication Eloise La, Cour, 3, gets her COVID-19 vaccination as part of Phase 1 clinical trials on use of the Pfizer-Bio, NTech vaccine in kids 5 and younger.

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" Tickle tickle," says Eloise's mama, Angelica La, Cour. She's trying to get a smile. "Mommy's going to hug you, OK?" A Stanford University nurse thoroughly offers the little girl her shot. Eloise is one of 144 children in the nation who are part of a Stage 1 clinical trial to evaluate Pfizer-Bio, NTech COVID-19 vaccines in the most lovable of research study accomplices those 5 and younger.

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Eloise hardly flinches. In truth, under her mask it looks like she's smiling. "Look at you! Brave kid!" beams her mama. The next day, Eloise has yet to complain of any side effects not even tenderness at the injection website. While some people are still hesitating about the highly reliable vaccines, let alone enrolling their kids in scientific trials, Angelica La, Cour stresses the bigger photo.

" We don't understand the long-lasting impacts of the infection. And we understand that this is a well-tolerated vaccine that's conserving individuals's lives. And it is essential that our kids get that also." Still, she and her spouse Chris were at first worried about registering their only child in the early trial.

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And while Eloise is healthy, "we understand that there's a lot of other families with kids with vulnerabilities where COVID-19 is possibly life-threatening," Angelica says. "And so being part of making this a truth for those households is something that is really meaningful to us." After three weeks, it's time for Eloise's 2nd poke.