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If, however, the sugar material stays raised two hours later, this condition is unusual and might be a sign of disease. (2) A "healthy" person may have developed an allergic reaction, perhaps during early childhood, to a single particular substance. If the individual never ever once again is available in contact with the antigen that causes the allergy, all other factors staying normal, he or she will remain in that state of health.

Thus it can be seen that, unlike disease, which is regularly identifiable, tangible, and rather easily specified, health is a somewhat ambiguous condition and rather hard to specify. Furthermore, physical condition and health are not associated terms. A seven-foot-tall basketball gamer may be in excellent physical condition (although outside the variety of normality for height) but may or might not remain in good healthdepending, for example, on whether the person has fallen victim to an attack of influenza.

A person might be physically strong, resistant to infection, and able to cope with physical hardship and other features of his/her physical environment and still be considered unhealthy if his or her psychological state, as determined by behaviour, is considered unsound. Psychological health can itself be defined variously.

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Others specify it as the absence of mental condition. In the face of confusion about meanings of health, it is most helpful, maybe, to specify health, good or bad, in terms that can be determined and translated with respect to the capability of the individual at the time of measurement to operate in a normal way, with regard to the likelihood of imminent disease.

When a person is provided a health evaluation, the examination is likely to include a series of tests. Some of these tests are more detailed than quantitative and can show the presence of disease in a seemingly healthy person. Such tests consist of the electrocardiogram to identify some kinds of heart disease; the electromyogram for main muscle conditions; liver and gall bladder function tests; and X-ray techniques for figuring out disease or breakdown of internal organs.